A good friend of mine emailed me this morning to ask me which Holiday card designs were catching my eye this year. The answer came quickly; I’ve already spent a fair amount of time perusing the site in search of the perfect card.

Right now my top two choices are the Happy Everything Holiday Card:

Happy Everything Holiday Card by Tiny Prints

And the Naughty or Nice Christmas Card:

Naughty or Nice Holiday Card by Tiny Prints

Of course, I explained to her, I’m only just getting started. Every time I open the site I find another three cards to add to the “maybe’s” list.

She wasn’t a fan of my answer apparently. We both move in similar social circles and she was worried that we’d end up sending the same Holiday card. The odds of that are slim in my opinion. Our tastes do vary quite a bit, plus, there’s no way our two cards would look the same even if we did pick the same design. There’s no doubt that her kids will be posed in gorgeous matching outfits in her cards… while mine… well, let’s just say we’ll be lucky if their outfits are clean and don’t clash.

Maybe I’m the one who should be worried about us picking the same card. If we do there’s no doubt hers will look 100 times better than mine!

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