I manage to take my daughters to see a professional photographer about once a year, just before Father’s Day so we can all pose for the requisite photo portrait. Our clothes don’t match, usually my hair is a mess, but the photo always seems to turn out just right.

Only problem is that my husband is not in it, so we can’t use it for the holiday cards. Instead I usually go through my endless stock of photos, snapped throughout the year, to find ones that somewhat work together. More often then not I’ll end up using a set of photos taken on the same day so that there’s some cohesion to the layout of our Christmas card. Unfortunately, even then, photos of the four of us all together are all too rare, so I make do and simply try to pick something that doesn’t clash.

This year, simply to avoid the endless job of sifting through the photo files, I’m thinking I might schedule a family photography session. One where everyone is present, not just the girls.

What’s your holiday card photo strategy? Random selections from your photo stash, or do you use pictures taken at photography session?

Crafters Charm Trifold Christmas Card by Tiny Prints

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2 Responses

  1. Random photos. But I try to pick the same color scheme across the pictures and match it to the card.

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m using photos from a session that I took of my daughter at the park. It’s going to turn out fantastic!

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