Seasonal Note Cards

A few days ago I reached into my desk drawer for a cute note card to send with a package and found that everything in there was incredibly flowery and bright. Ideal for cards sent in the spring or summer, but now that the weather is turning and the leaves are starting to fall, it just didn’t seem right to be sending out something so reminiscent of warmer days.

I found a card that would do temporarily and then hurried over to find myself some more seasonally appropriate note cards. I didn’t want something too blatantly holiday centric so that I could start using them right away. I also wanted to make sure to select something that I could send to anyone, regardless of religious belief.

I found the following card by sorting all the cards on the site by color – red seemed seasonal enough without being too Christmas card-like – then I looked through all the designs that showed up. It didn’t take me long to fall in love.

Swirling Calligraphy Note Card by Tiny Prints

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