Are you looking forward to the upcoming holiday season? Our co-founder, Ed, discusses his plans for a Type A holiday planning session…

I used to be a procrastinator extraordinaire. You name it, I did it. Homework assigned on Wednesday due on Monday? Meet the dreaded Sunday night scramble. The final paper I had weeks to work on—done via an all-nighter. No clean forks? Just wash one and leave the rest of that pile of dishes sitting there…

But then something happened during my college years, and I permanently flip flopped and became a Type A personality who obsessively, compulsively did everything as early as possible.

Perhaps it was fate that this happened to me, given what regularly takes place in my life from October 1 through New Year’s. I am married and have two small children, so Halloween is a BIG deal. I think of the month of Halloween sort of like boot camp, conditioning for prime time come November and December. Pumpkin patches, making costumes, decorating the house, crafts—the whole kit and caboodle. And of course, you can’t forget Halloween cards and invitations or our Halloween greeting card collection.

I always do our cute Halloween kids cards for each of our kids’ classmates, too. This year, I’m thinking of these for my first grade daughter and pre-school-aged son. Let me know what you think (if you read an earlier post, you’d know my son is obsessed with Batman. He actually says his name is Bruce Wayne and that he protects Gotham City…).

So why is October a warm-up? I’ll write more details in upcoming posts for post-Halloween to-dos, but here’s a glimpse:

November’s a doozy—my wife’s birthday, our anniversary, my sister’s birthday, a couple of close friends’ birthdays and, of course, Thanksgiving. Lots of planning—dinners, parties, gifts, cards.

Then comes December and the holidays. We watch the Nutcracker in San Francisco every year as a family tradition—yes it’s a wonderful show, but to me, it’s just another to do on my list (to pick a date, purchase tickets, etc.). Then there are the annual photo books I create for family (I’m super excited to use our newest photo book software this year!). We also have a tradition of burying a time capsule of memorabilia from the past year. Again, this activity is a charming thought for most, but to me it’s a massive to do list of gathering content, ordering the time capsule, getting the marker, digging the hole…  We also try to chop our own tree (why do we do this to ourselves?). Then there are kids’ events, charity work, gifts, stocking stuffers and of course cards for anyone we’ve ever met…

And did I mention that November and December are the craziest months here at Tiny Prints? It’s time to get a jump start. As I write this I can feel the stress level rising. I can’t wait for the next three months to be completely planned out in the next four weeks. I hope you’ll come back and read about how I’ll tackle all of these to-dos over the next few entries!

Meet Ed

Ed is one of the founders of Tiny Prints, and our current CEO. True to what you’d expect from one of the masterminds behind Tiny Prints, Ed sincerely loves not just the fresh look and stylish design of social stationery, but the heartfelt message behind it that motivates our customers to get together, keep in touch and send little rays of sunshine to eachother’s mailboxes. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Polly, and his two beautiful children, Emily and Cooper.

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