Thanksgiving Plans

Every year we head to Lake Tahoe for Thanksgiving. Instead of spending the day cooking and prepping, we go hiking in the beautiful mountains, take in the awe inspiring views of the lake and simply enjoy each other’s company. We take time to reflect on year and to appreciate the fact that we’re all together to enjoy another Thanksgiving as a family.

Then we head to my father-in-law’s country club and enjoy a four star Thanksgiving feast that we neither had to prep for or clean up after. It’s our family tradition and it works quite well for us, especially since they pack up all the left-overs, meaning we still get to enjoy turkey sandwiches at lunch the next day.

What Thanksgiving traditions do you hold dear? Do they involve saying thank you to the people in your lives? If so, take a look at our Thanksgiving cards. They’re a sweet way to make your message last a little longer than usual.

Grateful Script Thanksgiving Card by Tiny Prints

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