If you are too busy to plan for an intricate Halloween costume this year, don’t worry—we understand! Here’s a list of our favorite Halloween costumes that are easy to pull together. You might even have everything you need buried in the back of your closet!

10. Rock Star: With smudged eyeliner, big hair and some Stevie Nicks scarves, you can pull off a rock star look in no time. Carry around a toy microphone for a special touch!

9. ’80s Workout Instructor: This is the perfect excuse for breaking out your old leotards, leggings and legwarmers.


8. Pirate: Find a black and white striped shirt somewhere in your closet, throw on some black pants and boots and then get a hook, hat and eye patch from the drugstore to complete your look.

7. Chef: This might be the easiest idea on the list, since all you need is black pants and a chef’s coat. It’s finding a chef’s coat that might be tricky!

6. Little Red Riding Hood: Combine a red cape and a wicker basket. You’re ready to head off to Grandmother’s house!

Red Cape

5. Witch: A witch’s hat from the grocery store paired with a black dress make this idea so simple, it’s sinister.

4. Farmer: With a plaid shirt, a straw hat and a pair of galoshes, you could pull off a farmer look in no time. Snag a little pig stuffed animal from the kids to complete the ensemble.


3. Yourself…in Another Life. Break out of your rut by shaking up your signature style. For example, since our office is so fun and casual, one of our coworkers came dressed up as the corporate version of himself for Halloween. He wore a suit, tie and even a fake name badge, and everyone loved it!

2. Yourself…in Fifth Grade. Flip through an old photo album to get some inspiration for your trip back in time, then bring on the corduroy, tie dye and tights!

1. Yourself…Dead. This tops our list at #1 simply because it’s so easy—all you have to do is cover your face with white powder or eyeshadow, use purple eyeshadow under your cheekbones and around your eyes to make you look a little sickly, and then wear one of your favorite outfits. Voila! You’re your own ghost!


Simple “Dead” Makeup Done Right!

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