Running out of time to get your holiday cards to family members and friends by Christmas Day? Don’t worry—Tiny Prints will help you ensure that your holiday cards arrive at their destinations on time through our convenient new mailing service!

Simply add mailing addresses and pay for the cost of stamps and 35¢ each for printed return addresses, and we’ll mail your cards for you at no additional cost! There’s never been an easier way to save time, stress and shipping charges. For more information, watch this short video on the Tiny Prints mailing service:

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  1. Kevin says:

    Yay!!! This is a totally awesome service. It took all of the hassle of stuffing, addressing, and stamping my holiday cards. I’m glad that Tiny Prints could help me mail my cards out on time, and my friends loved them!!! I even used their feature to request addresses from my friends and family that I only had emails for, which really helped me stay organized with the 100+ cards that I was mailing.

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