Even though the holiday season is our busiest here at Tiny Prints, we still love every minute of the madness. From big company-wide lunches to late nights spent oohing and ahhing over finished designs and chitchatting while we perfect your punctuation, the Tiny Prints offices are full of excitement during this time of year.

To share a little bit of that feeling with you, we’ve created a series of videos we’ll be posting starting tomorrow and running through Christmas Day.

Each video features a pair of employees talking about their favorite parts of the holiday season.

It’s simple, really, but in the process of creating these videos we learned that some of us have questionable taste in holiday music, most of us spend a few too many hours a day online shopping and, above all else, that all of us have so many blessings to be thankful for this year.

We hope you’ll come back tomorrow for the first installment of the Tiny Prints 12 Days of Christmas!

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