Today marks the first day of Hanukkah, and families from around the world are planning to get together to celebrate in their own special ways. Like most holiday traditions, Hanukkah seems to be celebrated in a variety of different forms—from classic family recipes, menorahs and dreidels to a blend of “Chrismukkah” traditions and beyond.

Starry Dreidels Hanukkah Cards

How is your family planning to celebrate Hanukkah? Do you have any time-honored traditions you adhere to every year? What’s your favorite part of the Hanukkah celebration? You tell us!

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  1. JRosenberg says:

    Because we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah I wanted to set this holiday apart. Instead of everyone opening gifts every night we open one package as a family – a book. Then, after lighting the candles we all cuddle together and read the new book!

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