Yesterday evening I grabbed my planner, my phone, my printed school calendars and I sat down at the kitchen table with my brand new, completely unmarred 2011 calendar. Each beautiful page, boasting picture after picture of my smiling family, gleamed. Twelve whole months of uncharted possibility.

I penned in birthdays, school events, business trips, doctors appointments — the bare bones of our year. The rest of the little boxes smiled up at me. Those days will be filled with untold events. Some will be instantly forgotten, some will stick in our memories for years to come.

I pulled down last year’s calendar, heavy with post-its and other clipped papers, covered in pen markings and stickers and thick with a year of busy living. I folded it up and slipped it on the shelf next to the previous years’ calendars. The appointments might be past, the events lived and recorded elsewhere, but I love holding on to this testimony that we filled each and every week to the brim.

2011 Calendar by Tiny Prints

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