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There’s a baby boom happening at the Tiny Prints offices! Here’s a guest post from one of our excited mommies-to-be, Rachel:

As I’m quickly approaching my sixth month, I realize that we’ve hardly worked on our nursery at all. We are moving our old office to another room to accommodate the new nursery. We had originally painted the office a pale blue, so it was fortunate for us when we found out we were expecting a boy.

As with any big or important purchases, I like to do my research. I like to create charts, wikis, spreadsheets and do comparison charts among stores, pricing levels and reviews. If you are familiar with Google docs, it makes sharing easy among spouses and other expectant mothers.

One of the major purchases I’ve been considering are cribs. There were so many different styles, colors and options that I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. Was the more expensive crib safer? Do I need a convertible crib?

Based on my research, here’s what I’ve decided:

  • All cribs have to pass the current  industry safety standards, so an $800 crib could essentially be as safe as a $300 crib. At some point, you’re just paying for a certain style or features. Be wary of those adorable antique looking cribs. While they look really snazzy, they may be outdated in meeting safety standards. Check out the CPSC crib information site for more details.
  • Think about functionality. Different cribs have different release gates. Some have foot pedals that require two hands, some have drop-side gates. Trying out these different functions before purchasing will  help you make a more informed purchase. Also remember that some bumpers don’t fit on some of the more stylish cribs as well.
  • There are a lot of convertible crib offerings out there that entice you with their options. Cribs that convert into toddler beds make for an easy transition. In reality, toddler beds are probably only going to be used for a year or two. If you are looking at convertible cribs, consider one that converts into a twin bed for longer term use.
  • Check different online sites for reviews and ratings. Amazon.com is known for active user reviews. This makes it easy to compare between those two cribs you are looking at.
  • You may have friends and family members who, with good intentions, want to pass on a used crib to you. I’ve read that used cribs aren’t recommend, but if you go that route make sure to use good discretion and ensure that all parts and screws and directions are still with the crib.
  • While shopping online is generally less expensive, sometimes delivery will bump up the cost. Check for special deals online that have free delivery. For sizeable items like a crib, the free shipping really helps with the savings.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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