Fall is the perfect time for sweaters, snuggling and sipping on hot tea. We love the fall season, but we hear that some people can feel a little blue when things start to cool down. This year, take charge and battle the cold-weather blues with a few of these bright, cheerful and oh-so-cozy ideas!

Piping Hot Tea

Make your morning ritual even lovelier with these charming teapots from Design*Sponge. Then have breakfast in bed on the weekends with a wicker tray like this one from Good Housekeeping.

Design Sponge Tea Bedroom-Tray-fb

Super Soft Blankets

One look at these cashmere blankets from Arte Dona makes me want to curl up with a book in front of the fireplace.


Windowsill Blankets & Door Sweeps

The best eco-friendly way to eliminate a chill from your home without buying brand new windows, these soft little pillows make a world of difference.

door sweep

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