Create a rustic and mechanical aesthetic for your living space with this unique industrial home decor DIY composed by Sarah from The Winthrop Chronicles. Combine metals with modern elements to achieve the perfect balance between industrial and comfort chic.

DIY industrial wall art with metal travel photosA few months ago my husband and I went to Europe and I realized I had no pictures of our trip in our house. I spent so much time taking pictures of everywhere we went I thought it was a shame those pictures were just sitting in a folder on my computer. I saw these mounted photos from Tiny Prints and thought that would be a perfect way to display some of my favorite prints-and I had an old pallet in the garage my husband was begging me to get rid of, so I decided to use the pallet wood to make frames for my new mounted prints. I love using pallet wood because it’s free (you can usually find them in the trash at big stores or factories) and because it adds a rustic look that is so popular right now.

Travel photos displayed in diy industrial picture frames

Supplies Needed to Make Industrial Picture Frames:

Pallet wood (or any type of scrap wood will do)

Spray polyurethane (optional)

Metal corner brackets (I found mine at Home Depot for a couple dollars)

White vinegar

Mounted photos

Strong tape

Photo hook (optional)

1. The first think I did was soak the metal brackets in vinegar. Because I was using old rustic wood, I needed the brackets to match the old rustic feel. So I put the brackets and screws in a white vinegar bath. Leave them in there for several hours or overnight. I left mine in for about 24 hours. You won’t see the rust/oxidation happen until they are removed from the vinegar and dry. The longer you leave them in the vinegar, the more rusty they become.

metal brackets in vinegar bath2. I then had my kind husband break off the pallet boards from the pallet frame and cut them to match my 12 x 12 mounted photos.

Cut pallet board for picture frame3. After the wood was cut, I washed it with a scrub brush and when they dried, I sanded them  down and sprayed them with some polyurethane.

Cut pallet sticks for picture frames4. To assemble them I glued the seam and then attached the corner brackets.

Cut pallet sticks for picture frameDIY industrial picture frame with rustic brackets and pallet frame5. To attached the mounted photo, I just used some industrial tape to tape the back of the mounted photo to the frame.

DIY industrial wall art set of threeDIY industrial home decor with modern custom pillowsDIY industrial wall art with travel photosYou can also attach a picture frame hook to the wooden frame if you plan to hang it on the wall. They’re such a conversation piece because of the rustic wood and such a fun reminder of our trip.

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