Hello, Tiny Prints readers! I’m Jenna and I blog over at Gold & Bloom.

I grew up in the Atlanta area, and always had a love for design. I married my sweetheart two years ago, and combining our styles to create a home that reflected both of our personalities was important to us. It seems like it is normal for one person to take over when decorating, and then all of the sudden the home reflects just one personality and style. Why not put your heads together and carefully choose items that represent both of you?

When I came across the quality, personalized home decor that Tiny Prints offers, I was so happy!

his and hers home decor

My husband and I had a lot of fun picking out some stylish items for the living room. Once the items arrived and we decorated, we felt so comfortable in this space that we called home.

his and hers home decor

his and hers home decor

Featured Tiny Prints Home Decor Items: Pillows | Blankets | Acrylic Blocks

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