Today on the blog, we are so thrilled to welcome back Anne from in residence who is here to show us a few things when it comes to turning a living area from drab to fab. Her living room decor ideas and personal touches are oh so cute and we love what she has done with this space. If you’re looking to spruce up a space in your home, then you’re in the right place for some interior design ideas and inspiration.

My mom teaches life skills classes for an organization in our area that offers a residential substance abuse recovery program for women. During the residential treatment, the ladies live in a big historic house that was recently renovated. The walls had been painted a sort of institutional beige though, and my mom and the house manager wanted to change the feel to a more residential rather than institutional vibe. So with Tiny Prints, we took on a little project to make their living room a more motivational and inspirational space.
living room area with tan couch and bright pillows plus a gallery wall above the couch with nature pictures and quotesFirst, we customized a couple of pillows to bring some brightness and a homey feel to this shared living space, along with a bright blanket. The “Sit. Stay.” pillow was an especially fun addition to help the ladies feel at home while away from their own homes.

living room decor up close of a personalized pillow and a tan couch with a canvas gallery wall above itliving room decor a bright orange personalized pillow that says sit. stay.

Next, we created several custom canvases from photographs my mom has taken to hang above the couch. Because one of the themes for the house is the quote “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world is really called a butterfly,” she selected some butterfly imagery to go with it. And to round out the gallery wall, the house supervisor created some prints with motivational quotes, including the Serenity Prayer.living room decor neutral colored couch with canvas prints gallery wall above and an upclose of the canvas prints images of a butterfly and an inspirational quotecanvas print with image of white butterfly on a plantThanks to Tiny Prints for the help in creating a motivational living space with bright colors and quotes to encourage these women in recovery. Since this great donation, the house was awarded a $10,000 grant for new furniture… Tiny Prints got them off on a roll! The ladies love the pillows and prints – it definitely feels like a home.

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