A brightly-lit and clean workspace can make a world of difference to your productivity and enthusiasm on a day-to-day basis. Style your space with things you love, like personal stationery! Having stationery handy is a great way to stay in touch and remind you to stop and say thanks. Whether you work from home or go into an office, be prepared for major inspiration!


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Stools: You may want a studier chair if you’re in the office working 9-5, but for an area where you spend a little less time a stool is a great alternative. You can also add a stool or two for guests to sit on when they’re visiting. The lack of a back is a good way to make your space more open and seem bigger.

Desk Accessories: Having boring desk accessories can be a drag. Why not add a metallic touch with gold versions of your most used office tools? Make stapling that Monday report fun!

Desk: You don’t have to shy away from a colored desk. It can add a real feeling of fun in an otherwise white space. Most traditional desks are varying shades of wood grain, but pastel or mint shades aren’t too far of a leap.

File Folders: Who says you have to use manilla folders forever? If you have a need for file folders mix it up with some color. Even in a corporate office environment you can open a drawer and smile at your hidden colorful folders.

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