Katie from Twin Stripe shares her idea for making a simple but unforgettable breakfast in bed recipe. This idea is perfect for special occasions like Mother’s and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or just to make a sweet gesture for a loved one. Read on to see what Katie did to make this simple gesture standout!

Two bowls of fruit on tray with coral monogram pillow

Breakfast in bed is a luxury that I typically don’t have time for, but over the weekend my husband and I kicked back in sea of cozy Tiny Prints pillows and enjoyed a delicious breakfast for two. I grabbed a stack of magazines and spent the morning relaxing and enjoying a delicious meal.

Two bowls of fruit and two drinks with flowers on large oval tray

Putting together a summer breakfast in bed is a lot easier than you may think. People always think of pancakes or bacon and eggs as the perfect breakfast in bed, but it’s difficult to balance a plate, knife and fork in bed. Instead, I put together fresh fruit parfaits in big bowls that won’t easily spill.

To make a fresh fruit parfait bowl, start with a scoop of your favorite yogurt on the bottom followed by a sprinkle of granola. Add your favorite fruits to the top of bowl and enjoy! My husband I added blueberries, strawberries, kiwi and pineapple to our bowls. – they were so tasty!

Long pink lets snuggle pillow with breakfast in bed

Because it’s summertime and the weather has been in 90s, we prefer iced to hot coffee. I poured the iced coffee into shorter, wider glasses so we did not need to worry about them falling over as easy. I also put flowers in small, short vase to make sure it does not easily topple over. Be sure to add napkins to your breakfast in bed tray, you never know what might happen!

Breakfast on tray in front of two pink pillows

Our brand new Tiny Prints pillows were the perfect backdrop for a morning of rejuvenation.

Breakfast plate on bed with dog laying on throw

As you can see, our little dog loves our new herringbone throw too! If you are looking for a relaxing morning, be sure to try breakfast in bed!

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