Have you met the Tiny Prints elephant? Hear how we dreamed up such a playful new logo from our Vice President of Marketing, Anna.

The birth of the Tiny Prints elephant took about 22 months, which I am told is actually the real elephant gestation period, the longest of any land animal. Truth be told, when we first set out to tell the Tiny Prints brand story in a compelling and memorable way, we never imagined that a little elephant would be the outcome.

Change is always hard, and this new development is no exception. An elephant was simply not the most intuitive mascot for a premium stationery company with the word “tiny” in its name. We fretted over any and all possible associations with the elephant. Could it suggest we’re slow to deliver our products? That we have any association with the Republican Party? And how can we convey our artistic DNA with an animal not known for its beauty? One heated discussion about the elephant even called for extending a Friday afternoon meeting well into the evening and required a couple rounds of margaritas to get through.

Yet we could not find an alternative symbol that fit more closely with our brand and our company values. Our pulse quickened and we felt goose bumps every time we learned something new about elephants—that although they are big and powerful, they are humble and gentle. They are social creatures who live in communities. And did you know that elephants grieve and laugh, and that if a baby elephant cries, the entire family will rumble over to soothe the calf? And of course, everyone has heard that an elephant never forgets…

We were also drawn to what the elephant symbolizes about the role we’d like to play in the world. You see, we believe that the tiny things in life are actually the big things in disguise. Life is made up of so many beautiful moments, from the sight of a newborn’s chubby toes to kisses stolen under the mistletoe and the way my kids ham it up to the camera with a, “Cheeeeeeese!” whenever the lens is pointed their way. Tiny Prints aspires to transform these moments into lasting impressions.

I was a loyal Tiny Prints customer and evangelist long before I ever realized fate would one day lead me to the company. What I loved then, and still love the most now, is how Tiny Prints transformed what I felt in my heart (even if captured with my iPhone) into a work of art.  By juxtaposing something big with something tiny, the elephant serves as a playful reminder that Tiny Prints does more than just churn out cards. We work tirelessly and go the extra mile because we want to help our customers express their most heartfelt sentiments through our craft.

Perhaps it is fitting that the press announcement about our new brand identity launched today, September 21st. It’s World Gratitude Day, a day to reflect, take note and give thanks, and today I am especially grateful for the opportunity to work on a brand I feel so passionate about. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to work with such talented and wonderful colleagues. There are so many I’d like to thank today, starting with the folks who worked long and hard to realize our vision for the brand and made our site easier to use and even better-looking with this release.

But most importantly, I am grateful to you, our customers, for choosing to share your lives’ stories with Tiny Prints. It has always been your tiny moments that inspired our purpose and, ultimately, gave birth to the Tiny Prints elephant.

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2 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    Nicely written. Heartfelt. Personal. Makes me like the brand and its offerings even more. Love the elephant too. Makes me smile.

  2. Katie says:

    Thank you, Linda! You’re so sweet. We’re all happy to hear you like the elephant as much as we do. He’s just too cute 🙂

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