The first tweet popped up on my computer late one night. Earthquake. That was the word that caught my eye — as it always does, being located in prime earthquake country. I did a quick search to see what was being discussed and the information stopped me cold.

The numbers they were throwing around were mind boggling: 7.8 — 7.2 — and finally 8.8. Impossible to fathom what that feels like when all I’ve ever experienced were smaller quakes hovering around the 4.4 mark.

The next day we were on Tsunami alert and very focused on our own shores, so it wasn’t until the day after that the sheer extent of the devastation in Japan began to make itself felt. And feel it we did.

The story of the mother who lost her daughter’s hand as the wave pulled her away made me reach for my own children and hold tight.

The story of the grandfather, rescued from his roof-top after a day of waiting, surrounded by water, made me want to call my distant relatives.

Every story that came to light made me want to call, email, text, or simply just reach out to the people I love and miss.

When great sorrow strikes, we turn to the ones we love. We imagine for a moment that next time, it might be us and we might not have had to say what’s on our hearts, so we do it now, just in case.

I’ve called a lot of people this week just to say “I love you.” I’ve hugged my children and my husband extra close. I’m spreading the love as far as I can.

This week, Tiny Prints is also spreading the love with cards that give back. $1 of every greeting card purchased will be donated to the Red Cross relief effort in Japan. So, when you reach out and tell someone how much you care, we’ll be reaching out too.

Artistic Reminiscence Thinking of You Tiny Prints Greeting Card

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