One of our friends and her husband are expecting their first baby, but instead of sharing the news with an email or a phone call they decided to let everyone know in their own unique style last weekend.

It happened to be the mother-to-be’s birthday right around the start of her second trimester, so the couple threw a big fiesta in a local park (complete with a catered taco stand worthy of its own post!). Near the end of the party, they had guests break open a piƱata that was filled with candy and these adorable flyers that were hand-drawn by another friend:

Aren’t they adorable? Once everyone read the flyers, all you could hear were shrieks and shouts of “Congratulations!” You can read about the expectant mommy’s experience in her own words on her blog, Jolie Jolie, or watch this short video to see all of the excitement for yourself.

I absolutely love this story, and I’m sure there are other great reveal stories out there! How did you tell everyone you were expecting?

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