You love her birth announcements, holiday cards and greeting cards, but now you’re sure to love Tiny Prints designer Jill Smith’s sweet and creative party style, too!

When her son, Pace, turned one, Jill and her husband decided to host a classic backyard bash complete with play pools, sidewalk chalk and charming homemade treats and decor. Now we’re thrilled to share some of their photos with you as fresh inspiration for your own celebration.

“I kept it genuine and simple,” says Jill. “It was a true celebration of having this amazing little being in our lives for a whole year, and it started a tradition of birthday parties in our home and for our family that are creative, colorful and down-to-earth.”

Jill and her family used items they had in their home already, or created things they could use again for future parties, including:

  • Sewing fabric bunting to hang on the porch to greet guests when they arrived
  • Unique play things like an old dome tent, huge cardboard tubes from their carpet, water sprinklers, chalk, balls, blow-up pools, pillows and books
  • A homemade cake she created with help from her mom, featuring Pace’s favorite animal—a puppy!
  • Homemade party hats. She used linen fabric, cardboard, elastic and spray adhesive to create the hats, then added a P to Pace’s hat and a few ribbons to the top.
  • Little food, including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, raisins, milk and cupcakes, along with adult beverages for the grown-up guests.

The one thing she did splurge on was a photographer. “Instead of sitting for a photo session for 1-year old photos or Christmas photos, I decided that I wanted more candid shots and shots that we could share with the other children’s parents,” she says. “Plus it was nice that I didn’t have to worry about taking photos. This way I could play at the party, and be in some photos as well.”

We absolutely adore this sweet and homey approach to a first birthday party. A big thanks to Jill and her family for sharing, and here’s to many more happy backyard birthdays for little Pace!

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