Awesome Teacher Holiday Gifts

Post by Jessica R.

Put down the #1 Teacher mug and the cute little apple paper weight. Yes, they’re adorable. Yes, your child’s teacher will love it. Just like she loves the 50 other identical ones that line her desk and fill her cupboard.

You can do so much better!

1) Teachers are always strapped for cash, so a Visa/American Express gift card or a gift card to an office supply or teacher supply store is bound to be appreciated and put to good use long before the new year gets underway.

2) Teachers start work early. Very, very early. A gift card to a local coffee shop or her favorite chain coffee shop will make those early mornings a bit brighter. No, you can’t put the card in a mug. Resist the urge.

3) Ask the teacher if there’s anything she would love to have in her classroom and then get some other parents to pitch in so you can fulfill that dream.

4) You can’t ever go wrong with personalized note cards. Really can’t resist the teacher theme? Check out these cute options Teacher Notecard options.

This one is adorable

Tiny Prints Teachers Rule Teacher Notecard

But if you’re looking for something a little less teacher centric? Check out the line of regular Tiny Prints notecards.

This one is generic, but still perfect for a teacher!

Tiny Prints Apple Notecard

5) If the whole class is willing to pitch in, the ultimate gift is something that the teacher will treasure. So along with one of those gift cards mentioned above, how about getting the whole class to work together on a sweet photo book? Parents can submit photos and even notes or pictures drawn by the kids, one parent can maybe sneak in (with the school’s permission!) to take some in classroom shots and a group picture, and everything can be scanned in and compiled into an easy to make photo book that is bound to draw tears from even the most hardened teacher’s eyes!

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2 Responses

  1. ellie says:

    As a “veteran” teacher, I have to say, all good ideas! I think what a lot of parents forget, though they are so well intentioned, is that as cute as a little gift can be, we get anywhere from 20-30 gifts like that each year.

    With my class, we tend to pick a service project and buy gifts for it. Last year, it was the elder day care center in our town. The families were amazingly generous, and I remember the gifts my kids shared much more than I remember the little things I have received over the years.

  2. Holly Bowne says:

    These are some really great ideas. My mom was a teacher for 30 years and I know about the abundance of mugs and ornaments she would bring home every year! Gifts of the handmade-by-kids variety are always a hit as well! 🙂

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