Some good friends of mine recently had a little baby boy, and almost as soon as the new mom and baby were settled in at home, I started showing off the adorable Red Egg & Ginger party invitations from Tiny Prints. I know, I know it was too soon—but they really are just too darn cute!

If you’ve never been to a Red Egg & Ginger party, it’s a Chinese tradition that takes place one month after the new baby arrives. They eat, drink and hand out lucky red-dyed eggs to symbolize happiness and celebrate new life.  There are plenty of delicious traditional foods one could serve at the event, but we thought we’d shake things up with a few creative ideas for your upcoming event!


Mix up a crowd pleasing array of drinks with a ginger theme, including this Canton Ginger Kick from YumSugar and Peach-Ginger Iced Tea from the Food Network.


Ginger-Flavored Goodies

Luckily, ginger makes the perfect addition to any marinade or dressing. Play up the theme with these Ginger Shrimp Skewers from Marie Claire or these Shrimp and Ginger Sui Mai Dumplings from the Food Network. Delish!

Elegant Eggs

Deviled eggs are a timeless party appetizer, but why not get creative with the filling? Mix the egg yolk with red bell peppers or a little food coloring in a blender for a vibrant red center, or pickle your hard boiled eggs with beets for a natural red hue! These recipes are from the Food Network and A Chicken in Every Granny Cart.


Whether you use eggs or ginger as your inspiration, you’re sure to win plenty of smiles with these delightful recipes! Try this egg-shaped raspberry chiffon from Holidash and Easter egg cakes from Martha Stewart, or candied ginger from the Food Network.

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