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What could be better than a gift that evokes fond memories and transports the recipient to a sweet, sticky-fingered past?

One that’s also fun, easy and affordable to make! S’mores in a box—fire not included.

Smores in a Box

Get the full details on how to assemble this sweet gift by visiting Twig and Thistle.

The beauty of this homemade gift is that it’s easier for little hands to assemble than a cake mix in a jar, and it’s way less messy than decorating cookies. And the added bonus is that it’s hard to not make this look both classy and tasty!

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  1. lindsay says:


  2. lea says:

    i love this!!!! last year i did hot cocoa mixes and it was definitely messy. this looks so simple and pretty and YUM.

  3. Genevieve says:

    Okay. Well, there’s a problem. See, it looks like you have to wrap up the graham crackers, the marshmallows and the chocolate. Is it WRONG if the chocolate never quite makes it to the box? Cuz I can do the crackers and marshmallows. Not sure I could give away the chocolate that easily…

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