Planning a Super Bowl party, but want to ensure that the kids can play a part in all the fun? Don’t worry. Involving your little ones is a lot easier than you think. They might not be able to sit still for the entire game, but with these fun family friendly Super Bowl party ideas they’re sure to feel like MVPs next Sunday!

Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Decor

Scantily clad cheerleaders and beer posters might be fun for some, but this kid-friendly decor is much cuter in our opinions…

Family-Friendly Super Bowl Snacks

Wings, burgers, chips and dip… We can do better than that! Use your imagination to come up with fun family- (and figure!) friendly foods instead, like this antipasto platter, fruit trays, veggie crudites and mini-hot dogs or sliders.

Plus, don’t forget all the fun you can have decorating cookies and cupcakes for your Super Bowl theme!

Party Invites and Stationery

We offer a range of fun sports-themed designs that you can use to gather everyone together, as well as these fun gift tag stickers that are perfect for party favors.

What are you planning to do for the Super Bowl this year? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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