Holiday cups are at Starbucks, so to me that means it’s officially the holiday season! Here are some great ideas for a gingerbread house party to get you in the holiday spirit. Invite some friends, make hot peppermint mochas, and enjoy a fun day indoors.


L to R: Tiny Prints Cheery Gingerbread party invitation, Gingerbread House, Gingerbread-Man Mugs, Gingerbread Cookies, Candy stand, Gingerbread Man Photo Frame Ornaments, Peppermint Candy Candle

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4 Responses

  1. Shabneez says:

    this makes very warm and fuzzy. perfect to get me in the mood for the holidays! the mugs and card are super cute! great job!

  2. nicole says:

    that’s super fun! love your new bloggers! i cant wait to read more.

  3. Sharmeen says:

    This a great idea for some extracurricular holiday inspired fun! Making gingerbread houses while sipping on a warm cup of cider… mmMmM I love the holiday season!

  4. What fantastic photos! Talk about inspiration. I need to start baking. I love the little gingerbreadmen mugs! Thanks for sharing.

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