Spring Break

Does anyone else dream of being in school like I do? Thoughts of Spring vacation temporarily make me forget exams, papers and pop quizzes and sends me into happy visions of a whole week of play. As a parent, however, spring dreams can quickly turn into a seasonal nightmare. Thinking about how to keep your kids occupied can be a bit stressful so here’s a few things that might ward off spring fever this year.

If taking a vacation is not in your budget, thinking of special activities that you can do together, might be a fun alternative. This may be a great time to finish that project you started on before the holidays. Or how about starting a new one? Encourage your child’s creativity by having them create a unique work of art. Then, make a card out of it. You can choose any one of the photo cards at Tiny Prints and replace a photo with your child’s drawing. They will be proud to send it to friends and family. And you will be happy to keep them so blissfully occupied.


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