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Your baby’s first and second birthdays are extra special events. Themes are a wonderful way to structure a party and can provide delightful, bold visuals for little guests. Make your invitations really shine with a unique photo, an illustration and even a quote from a favorite children’s book. Christine Petschauer, a Tiny Talk favorite, is a party planner in New Jersey. For her daughter Olivia’s second birthday she chose a fairy theme and gave us some divine suggestions.

  1. For a feminine theme like fairies, invite only little girls with a personalized invitation that clearly shares your delight for the theme.
  1. Choose your colors and coordinate them throughout your event. For Olivia’s party I kept it simple by opting for pink as the primary color and lavender for accents.
  1. Rent bubble machines to fill your yard with joyful atmosphere as guests arrive.
  1. Sometimes a little store-bought is best. I purchased pink tutus and pink wings.
  1. Construct a clothes line across your yard and hang the tutus and wings with painted clothes pins.
  1. Stamp each guest’s name and a butterfly on a tag and hang it off each tutu with some pretty, silk ribbon.
  1. Make wands with tiny butterflies on the ends and place them in a cute, coordinating, pot filled with rice to help them stand up.
  1. Stay with your theme when wrapping presents. I stamped my own fairy paper.
  1. Make the guest of honor a matching, flower halo crown.
  1. Purchase some simple tooth fairy boxes and wrap them in your theme color for table accents.
  1. Get inexpensive bottles of bubbles and little fairy dolls in matching colors and hide them around the yard. Give each girl a card stamped with her name, color and a cute poem of clues to find them.
  1. If you have friends who are artists or have a special talent ask them for help. My friend, Tammy Kenner, not only painted faces with different varieties of butterflies, she baked and decorated the fabulous cupcakes.
  1. For lunch try serving a fruit platter and an assortment of sandwich favorites like peanut butter and jelly cut into quarters.
  1. For dessert there’s nothing like homemade, oversized cupcakes with butter cream frosting tinted in pale shades of your theme colors topped with shimmery, white sugar butterflies.

“This party was so special and cute and wonderful fun to pull together!”




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