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When I was a kid, hats were scratchy, itchy and no fun to wear. Today all that has changed. It might be cold out there, but you can accessorize your child’s head in all sorts of fun ways that not only keep his ears warm, but puts a smile on everyone’s faces when they see him.

For the child who hops around everywhere…

Children's PLace Bunny Hat

For the truly zany kid…

Zoonie Kate Moss Hat

For the zany, but oh so hip kid…

Zoonie Skull and Crossbone hat

And for the girl who wants to be warm and super stylish with a side of super cute…

Two Pompom Hat

We can help you find a cute hat, but when it comes to figuring out how to keep it on your child’s head you’re on your own. We’re still struggling with that one!

Do you have a ridiculously cute hat for your child? Where did you find it?

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