We love when customers go above and beyond with Tiny Prints designs, using them as inspiration for cake creations, party décor and more. Equally exciting is when a designer takes one of their Tiny Prints designs to the next level!

Recently, the ever-stylish Ann Kelle emailed us about her endeavors in the textile world. Inspired by her Sassy Apples thank you card, she has created a line of fabrics that are oh-so-adorable. Check them out!

In addition to the original green and brown hues, she created two additional color combos.

Here are a few examples of what people are doing with the fashionable fabrics!

Photo courtesy of Butterflies & Bees.

Photos courtesy of Blessed Babe.

Photo courtesy of My Sunshine Designs.

Photo courtesy of babybeenos.

Photo courtesy of Butterflies & Bees.

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