Cure Sick Day Boredom

Now that school is back in session, it is inevitable that kids are going to start sharing their germs and illnesses with their schoolmates. And, while sick days are not supposed to be fun, they can be down right boring some times!

While you don’t want to over do it, here are some tips for curing sick day boredom with your kids:

Read together! – Get cozy on the sofa and read some of your favorite stories together.  Let their imaginations run wild while they let their bodies rest.

Watch movies – Kaboose offers a great of the top 10 sick day movies.  Avoid daytime talk shows and drama-filled soap operas and let your kids indulge in a little extra TV watching with some animated greats.

Activity Books – Break out the mad libs and coloring books. These are great way to keep your child busy, but not roudy.

Get crafty – Look around the house to supplies to a spontaneous craft project.  Consider creating family albums together, or even try decorating the tissue box!

We hope these tips help cure your sick day boredom.  If you have any additional suggestions, please let us know!

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