If your kids like to get out and explore, today’s Tiny Find is especially for you. Now that summer is basically here, I’ve been getting more and more interested in geocaching. Geocaching is essentially a high-tech treasure hunting game that’s played by people of every age, all over the world. It’s an extremely family-friendly outdoor activity that only requires a hand-held GPS device and a sense of adventure.

The goal of the game is to locate hidden containers (called “caches”) and then log your experiences online. The other exciting aspect of the game is hiding the caches yourself. Sounds pretty simple and fun, right? Watch a short clip and learn more about this adventurous endeavor on the official Geocaching website.

Since I’m new to this “sport,” as some enthusiasts call it, I’ve been researching GPS devices ideal for beginners. When I came across the Geomate Jr., my mind was made.

It has all the basic capabilities of a typical GPS in a simple and user-friendly design. Plus, it’s priced at about $70—probably the most affordable GPS around. The best part is, it comes pre-loaded with 250,000 caches covering all 50 U.S. states, making it super easy to get out and get started!

Will you try geocaching this summer with your family? Are you already a seasoned group of Geomates? We’d love to hear about your tips and experiences!

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