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As I sit at my desk, I am anxiously awaiting to leave for my summer vacation.  My upcoming European adventure  will be a trip of a lifetime and it may also be, as my husband insists, the last great vacation we will take for many years to come.

Why, you ask?  Well, it seems that he is convinced that we will not be able to take many long distance trips once we have children.  I, on the other hand, think travel as a family is possible if you are prepared.  So, this had me thinking, what are some tips to survive long flights and trips with your little ones?

Here are some of the highlights that I gathered from some Tiny Prints staffers and the great travel site, Travel With Your Kids:

  • Traveling, even as a single adult, is complicated.  So, expect that there will be problems from the beginning and once things go awry, go with the flow and deal with the moment at hand.
  • Start small. Don’t make your first family trip one that includes an eight hour plane ride and an exotic destination. Start with a short weekend trip to see how your child reacts on the plane/in new environments.
  • When your children are younger and on a stricter schedule, considering going somewhere that you have been before. That way you won’t feel guilty if you’ve missed some of the major sites and have to spend more time at the hotel.
  • Stock up! Bring enough medicine, snacks, diapers and such so that you’re not running to a local drug store as soon as you arrive.
  • When thinking of entertaining your children in the car or on flights, consider that art supplies provide more hours of entertainment than “one-trick” toys that could quickly lead to boredom.
  • For flights, check out seatguru.com for the best seat offerings on your airline.  Also, when booking your seat consider that older kids may prefer to look out a window and that with younger kids you may need access to an aisle.

Do you have a great trip that wasn’t covered? Feel free to share your comments with us!

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  1. RickB says:

    A few suggestions –
    1) Let the airline staff know you have a young child, if it is not a full flight, they will often provide more room.
    2) If parents get separated, make sure the one with the child has all of the formula, milk, and any other container when passing through security.
    3) Some airlines have “baby hammocks” for infants that attach to the inside wall of the plane on long flights. Ask about the feature when booking the tickets.
    4) A full belly combined with the white noise and gentle vibration of the engines often leads to a very long nap on a plane ride for the very little ones.
    5) Pre-measured formula in zip-lock bags save space in carry-ons.
    6) An umbrella type or light weight folding stroller is a good investment, they can be kept with you until entering the plane, then stowed in the hold. A crew member will retrieve the stroller when reaching your destination.
    7) Try to fly direct and avoid layovers.

  2. Tara says:

    A friend just told me that on many airlines, you can ask for a small bassinet for your baby, and it will hang right next to your seat–for free! Not sure how it works but it sounds cool!

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