Ever since I received so many compliments for the personalized Father’s Day cards I created last year, I’ve been waiting for June to roll around so I could one-up what I did last year.  We’ve doubled our assortment , brought on many exciting new designers and packed each card with tons of personalization options.  My list of favorites is far too big, but I keep coming back to two ideas that I know my dad and husband will both love…

Spoof Covers and Head Cut-Outs

In my family, laughter is always the best medicine. I know that pairing some of our favorite photos with these witty designs is sure to get a few giggles out of my husband and my own dad—and even more so my kids!

Modern, Playful Text

I love how these designs have a big, bold look but still feel endearing. It’s just the right mix of masculine, playful and modern.

Meet Laura

As a mother of two and one of the co-founders of Tiny Prints, Laura is the heart and soul behind our design aesthetic. She was inspired to dedicate her career to design, etiquette and style by her mother’s own love of all-things-pretty, and now she’s thrilled to share her top picks for the coming season with her Tiny Prints family.

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