The Tiny Prints headquarters is in a tizzy getting ready for Halloween! And our co-founder and chief merchandising officer Laura is no exception. Check out her top five favorites for this festive holiday.

Why Laura’s Utterly in Love with Halloween…

1. Everyone gets to feel like a kid on October 31st.

2. It’s the perfect excuse to send the silliest cards.

3. What’s more fun in fall than apple bobbing with friends?

4. You get to share (and indulge in!) your favorite treats with everyone in the neighborhood. In our house, that means Heath Bar, Twix and Swedish Fish.

5. Your kids get to live a fantasy for a day. This year, it’s all about Star Wars. We’ll have a very funny Yoda and a very cute Princess Padme.

What do you love about Halloween? Leave us a comment below!

Meet Laura

As a mother of two and one of the co-founders of Tiny Prints, Laura is the heart and soul behind our design aesthetic. She was inspired to dedicate her career to design, etiquette and style by her mother’s own love of all-things-pretty, and now she’s thrilled to share her top picks for the coming season with you.

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  1. Rachel says:

    AHHH I love Ceci New York invites!

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