As the sweet days of summer come to an end, the first day of school can fill youngsters with jitters and concerns. So we asked Laura, our co-founder (and mother of two), how she sets her kids at ease and gets them excited to head back.

Take a Shopping Trip

Start a shopping ritual before the first day of school.  Make a trip to your local Target or hop online and let your children pick out a few fun items that will get them excited for their first day. A new lunch pail? Cool writing supplies? A cute backpack? In our family, it’s all about a new jacket to fit their growing little bodies.

Make Time for Lunch

Brush up on new recipes for lunches that are not only nutritious but creative too. These fun foods inside their new lunch pail will ensure lunchtime is one their favorite parts of the day and will give them something to look forward to. Make lunchtime extra special by surprising your child with a sweet lunchbox note. (This is the perfect way to keep mom and dad close while they’re off on their own at school.) Recently the bloggers at Tiny Prints put together this simple DIY project to decorate your kids snacks… word is the kids who got the samples from the photo shoot were quite thrilled!

Get to Know Classmates

If you have younger ones heading off to school, help the teacher put together a placemat with all the children’s names and pictures on it. Mail this to all the families before school starts so that the children of the class can get familiar with each other. My kids especially love having their own unique placements at the dinner table, filled with their classmates and friends.

Write a Note

While passing notes in class isn’t always the best thing to do, exchanging them before school starts is totally acceptable—and recommended! There is something truly special about reaching out through a letter (yes, I am biased!). My son’s teacher wrote a personal letter to Nate over the summer and asked us to return the favor. Nate had so much fun connecting and wrote his letter with great pride. Keeping in touch the old-fashioned way built up lots of anticipation for his first day of school.

How do you get your kids excited to go back to school? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks. Just send them to blog@tinyprints.com.

Meet Laura

As a mother of two and one of the co-founders of Tiny Prints, Laura is the heart and soul behind our design aesthetic. She was inspired to dedicate her career to design, etiquette and style by her mother’s own love of all-things-pretty, and now she’s thrilled to share her top picks for the coming season with her Tin

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