The front of our refrigerator is the place where I keep pictures, photos, coupons, class lists, and other assorted papers that I don’t want to lose. The side of the fridge is where the calendar lives. It’s a strategic spot that can be seen from every corner of the kitchen, which is, without a doubt, the center of our home.

So really it could be said that the calendar lives in the very center of our house, which makes sense since it’s the key document that keeps us all centered.

I write everything on our wall calendar. Doctors’ appointments, school events, holidays, visitors’ comings and goings, social events, even personal achievements or goals. If anyone ever wants to know what’s going on with anyone in the family, the calendar is the place to look.

I’ve tried to switch to using my phone’s calendar system so that I’ll always have it on me, but I haven’t been all that successful. While it’s helpful to have reminders in my pocket, a part of me just likes being able to look up as I’m making dinner and prepping lunches for the next day and instantly knowing how the whole week looks for everyone.

And when that calendar is decorated with my children’s smiling faces? Well, that’s just an easy way to get me to smile even before I know what the plan might be.

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