A Halloween Dilemma

Years ago, when my oldest daughter was just two, we did what every parent dreams of doing. We dressed her up in a cute chicken costume and we took her trick-or-treating. It was barely dusk and we had a good friend who came with us door-to-door in our friendly neighborhood. The little girls were cooed over and showered with candy and I thought no more of it until we got home and I realized that my baby was looking a little stressed.

From that night on she’s harbored a phobia for anything or anyone in costume. If their faces are covered in any way at all she starts screaming and crying and she can’t be consoled. For the most part it’s hardly noticeable, but come the end of October it becomes a little challenging to go shopping, not to mention actually going trick-or-treating!

In the past we’ve talked it up and then talked her through the evening, only venturing as far as the next block long before sunset and then hurrying home so she could be safely inside before the bigger kids could come out. This year, however, I’m wondering if it might not just be easier to invite over a few of our favorite friends and throwing a fun no-face-mask-allowed Halloween bash.

Have you ever ditched the trick-or-treating in favor of partying at home? Would a Halloween invitation this cute sway you?

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  1. Jennie says:

    My daughter’s first birthday is October 28. I am doing her party, this year, the weekend before. But, I love this idea!! I will keep the mask free idea in mind – making it more kid friendly.

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