A Healthy Breakfast

For over thirty years now my husband has had the same thing for breakfast every day: bagel, cream cheese, glass of orange juice. He loves the predictability of his routine. Since he’s in charge of breakfast in our house it never occurred to him that maybe our girls would want a bit of variation in their own breakfast menu.

This past month he discovered that not everyone likes to eat the same thing every morning. Our girls have both staged a full out rebellion and have point blank refused to ever have yogurt and apple sauce for breakfast ever again.

While I completely understand their new-found aversion, it does put us in a bind. Packed with protein, dairy, and fruit, yogurt and applesauce happened to be the ultimate healthy breakfast for two growing girls. Now we’re scrambling to find a meal that fills all their dietary needs without being loaded with sugar.   On the up side, we’ve had some interesting discussions about where dairy comes from and why our bodies need protein and vitamins. On the down side, they’re already getting tired of waffles and peanut butter with a side of a glass of milk.

In order to keep breakfast both healthy and hassle free my plan is to create some meal-wheels.  We’ll sit down and create a dairy wheel, a protein wheel, and a fruit wheel. With a spin of an arrow they’ll chose their breakfast every morning, and maybe, just maybe, the fun of the game will keep the boredom at bay.

Healthy Breakfast

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2 Responses

  1. Lizz says:

    I really like that Idea, I might have to try it with my crowd.

  2. Amanda Cowan says:

    Keep us posted on how that’s working. On the other side of your girls, my girls are creatures of habit. And this might keep them interested in trying to vary their routine a bit. Perhaps I should do this too..

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