A Photo Book for Sisters

My daughters used to spend every day together at daycare. They share a room, so they’d start the day together, be together all day, then come home and be together some more. Instead of the squabbling you might think would ensue, all this togetherness just made them extra close.

Since the oldest started Kindergarten they’re apart from the moment I drop her off at school to the moment her father brings her home at the end of the day some ten hours later. They’ve essentially gone from being awake and together for 12 hours a day, to being awake and together for all of two.

Most of that awake time is spent trying to reconnect. And squabbling.

I try hard to help them reconnect, facilitating the conversation, sharing what each did at school or daycare that day. I plan little activities or games they can do together. I start singing songs I know they both love. But it doesn’t always work, so I’m thinking I might put a new idea into play.

Starting from their first moments together and ending with the most recent photos I can find, I’m going to make them a Sisters Photo Book. Page by page it will retrace favorite moments they’ve shared. I have a secret hope that flipping through the book together will make the skip the awkwardness that comes with trying to reconnect after a long day apart. If that doesn’t work maybe flipping through it will distract me from the fighting.

Photo books by Tiny Prints

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