A Tooth Fairy Visit

A few weeks ago my youngest daughter inadvertently lost her front tooth after a close encounter with the ground. Since my oldest was on the verge of losing her own first tooth she convinced me to ask the tooth fairy to wait until it had fallen out before coming to visit.

The tooth fairy is very accommodating.

Last night, at long last, the 6-year-old’s tooth came out and the tooth fairy was informed. She’ll be making her rounds tonight. Since it’s a first tooth for both girls she’s going all out. Along with a shining dollar coin, each girl will be receiving a small present and a handwritten note thanking them for this special gift of their first teeth.

I know that deep down they know that I’m the tooth fairy, but I also know that they’re not going to fight this special treat. What I didn’t realize was how much fun I would have pretending to be a thumb-sized fairy flying around collecting little teeth. I won’t be hanging my wings up any time soon.

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  2. Claire Megalos says:

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