Alone With Daddy

For four days daddy is going to have to fend for himself while mommy is away on a business trip. He’s going to have to put the kids to bed and get them up and feed them breakfast. He’s going to have to dress them and get them ready for the day. But he’s not going to do their hair, he drew the line at that, the daycare provider will take care of that task.

The girls are delighted to be alone with their daddy; he’s not as strict as mommy. Daddy on the other hand is a bit nervous to be alone with the girls; he doesn’t do well if he doesn’t get his sleep.

I gave my daughters a few instructions about getting their clothes and toys ready the night before so they wouldn’t have to scramble in the morning. Then I gave them one last piece of advice.

“Just remember, daddy needs his nap on the weekends. If you guys don’t nap, daddy can’t nap and he gets really crabby. OK?”

They nodded solemnly and gave each other an unreadable look. I hope that the unspoken agreement had everything to do about letting daddy get his rest so that he’d keep being amenable to their every whim. The opposite doesn’t bear thinking.

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