Back-to-School Prep

We were lucky, we got our school supply list way back in July. I promptly ordered the stuff that might prove hard to find and then just as promptly forgot the list until this weekend when a newspaper headline grabbed my eye.

“School Starts Next Week! Are You Ready?”

My stomach dropped. Our school doesn’t start until the second week of September, but in my haste to ignore the dreaded moment, I completely forgot that when the rest of the kids go back to school, all the school supplies get picked over. Our chances of getting a cute backpack and lunchbox were slim as it was, if I waited until the last moment as I had planned to do, we’d be stuck with whatever the store had left.

I packed up both girls and we headed to the store to see what we could find. Less than an hour later we had bought two acceptably cute backpacks, one lunchbox, two pairs of scissors, and a few other odds and ends. Both girls proudly hoisted their new bags onto their backs and beamed at everyone they saw on their way to the car.

We might have a few more weeks before I have to pack up the bags with everything on the list, but it’s starting to feel like we’re going to be good and ready. All we have left to do is pick a back-to-school outfit for everyone. That should be easy, right?

Back to School backpack

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  1. rbucich says:

    Still have a couple more years to worry about it. What’s summer vacation?

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