Birthday Photo Books

When my daughters were little we carefully posed them each week next to the same stuffed animal and snapped a picture of them with a sign showing their age. The photos are adorable and allowed us to really see their growth week to week.

Sometime before her second birthday (before I had a second child and completely ran out of time) I printed out these photos and put them in an album. To this day it’s both kid’s favorite book to sit down and flip through. Page by page they see the baby grow, start to smile, start to become more active, and then, finally, start to walk and get down off the chair she was posed on.

I watch them gush over each photo and I feel a mix of guilt that this book they’re reading only covers the first two years of the first child’s life. Since then we’ve taken almost four years of photos, each of which lives in folders somewhere on my computer.

I’m hoping to find the time, at some point before each of their birthdays, to sit down and sort through all the photos so I can create little photo-books chronicling their first years. I know that I’ll have fun taking a stroll through the archived photos, remembering little moments that would be forgotten if they weren’t caught on camera. No matter how much fun I’ll have, it won’t match the joy they’ll feel upon getting their very own books, nor the pride they’ll feel showing them off to friends.

Photo-Books by Tiny Prints

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