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Christmas decorations are coming down right and left and it’s not quite time to break out the pink heart decorations yet. In fact, there are weeks of winter separating us from Valentines Day.

But how about celebrating winter instead of bemoaning it? We promise that snowflakes lovingly crafted by your children will make you smile lots more than the ones you have to scrape off your windshield!

Keep the winter cheer going by decorating some fun snowflakes with your kids. All you need is some paper, some scissors, and a bit of imagination. Although with the number of templates available online you might even be able to dispense with that last bit!

Family Fun Fan-Tastic Snowflakes

Want to break out of the mold of simple white snowflakes? Grab some colored paper, glitter, or markers to give them a little more glam and glitz. Who knows, you might just be inspired to jump the gun on those pink hearts after all!

Family Fun Snowflake Template

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