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Not so long ago my father turned a small family visit into an impromptu opportunity to marry his long time girlfriend. I was seven months pregnant with my youngest and he figured (rightly) that this might be my last trip to Canada for a long while. He rallied my sisters, an officiant, some close friends, and in under two weeks their entire wedding had been planned and executed.

They pulled together a great event and all I managed to do was arrive, toddler and pregnant belly intact. Even that was a challenge!

Since everything had been thrown together at the last minute I hadn’t had time to think of the perfect wedding present. A small, very delusional, part of me thought that I’d be able to dash out and get something after I arrived. But between last minute organizing, socializing with friends and family, and taking care of the toddler who desperately wanted to smother the cats with love, I never found a second to get anything. So when my sisters arrived and asked me if I wanted to join them in a group gift I jumped at the chance.

A few days later, home again and flipping through the wedding pictures that I had snapped during the wedding, I realized that I wanted to do something a bit more personal. In the rush there had been no time to hire a professional photographer, so the photos that we had taken were all that they had of the event. With my blogger’s eye I had managed to capture more than just the standard faces, so I jumped online and put together a photo book that told the tale of their wedding from the moment we left their house (I had to include their dog somehow!) to the final celebratory toast.

I gave them their photo book at Christmas. It is, to date, the only gift I’ve ever given my dad that made him cry. It’s also the only one that hasn’t been abandoned in the back of a closet.

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  1. JanisMiller says:

    Great idea! My daughter did something similar for one of her friends, but the event was the birth of her friend’s second child. She was called to babysit so when she arrived she took pictures of them getting ready to leave and leaving; pictures of their oldest child while they were gone, pictures at the hospital and pictures of them arriving home with their new baby. It made a great mini-album and a perfect gift. Mini-albums are wonderful. 🙂

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