At least three times a week we force the stars to align so the four of us can have dinner together. We sit down at our little wood kitchen table and sigh with relief. For one moment we’re not running, not doing chores, not busy with our own things. Instead we’re all together and we actually have time to talk.

For the longest time, simply asking each person to share their favorite part of the day was enough to get the conversation flowing — if conversations with 5 and 3-year-olds can be said to ever flow. We chatted about playing with this friend or that, a good moment in class or on the playground, mommy would share something funny and daddy inevitably said that his favorite part was right then, dinner with his girls.

Understandably the girls have gotten a little bored with our somewhat predictable question and answers so I’ve had to mix it up a bit.

Last night I asked them all to share one mistake that they had made that week and how they had fixed it. Everyone tried to come up with something, even the 3-year-old, and we ended up just giggling. Then, in a burst of inspiration, I asked them what they’d done that day that they were proud of.

The 3-year-old was proud of how she helped out at daycare, the 5-year-old was proud of how well play rehearsals had gone at school, my husband was proud of how he handled a challenging work call, and I was just proud of finding a new way for my family to connect at dinner time.

Do you have a go to conversation starter for your family?

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