My sister became a mom years before I did and yet when she first set foot in a baby superstore I’m the one she called for stroller advice. I was the family serial baby sitter, the one who’d already tested every product on the market, who knew all the tricks for getting a wound up child to sleep.

Once her baby was safely born and happily cooing in her arms, my sister’s motherly instincts kicked in and she no longer called me for advice, just to share my niece’s exploits.

Years later, my own first baby was born and while I’d been supremely sure of myself during the pregnancy, with baby in arms, I called her often for advice and simple reassurance. Now that our kids are bigger we don’t often exchange parenting tales, though we do still talk daily and I still consider her my parenting mentor.

Today I created a Mother’s Day card for her to say a simple thank you for being by my side all these years. I could have survived all on my own, but it was nice to have my big sister lead the way.

Sweet Swim Mothers Day Greeting Card by Tiny Prints

Who are you sending a Mother’s Day card to this year? If you hurry you can send her a card for free!

The first 10,000 Mother’s Day cards sent out today will be free. For details and to receive the free code visit our Facebook page and become a fan.

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