My daughters share a room that is unarguably a nursery. The walls are painted blue and green and are covered in cheery cloud wall stickers. One corner of the room is taken up by a crib, another by a toddler bed. A massive changing table and dresser cover the remaining wall. And in the middle of it all sits the glider where I rocked both of my babies to sleep or comforted them after middle-of-the-night wake-ups.

It’s a cozy room, but it’s a baby’s room, and my babies are growing up.

Last night when I tucked the youngest in she declared that since she was no longer a baby it was silly for her to sleep in a crib. (She just spent a week sleeping in a real bed while we were on vacation.) I looked down at her, snuggled in the crib that has held one of my babies every night for over five years now, and with a bit of a heavy heart I had to agree. She’s going to be three in just a few weeks and it might just be time to convert the nursery into a child’s room.

My first plan of action is to move the glider out of the room and replace it with a small armchair. Then I’m going to replace the changing table with a cute little desk. Last but not least I’m going to take the crib and the toddler bed out and replace both with a bunk bed. The girls will have more space to play and no one will feel like a baby any more.

I’m coming to grips with all the changes, but I’m leaving the clouds up, I’m not quite ready to give those up yet.

Cloud Wall Decals

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  1. joy says:

    cute nursery! are the clouds decals? if so, do you remember where you got them?

  2. LalaL says:

    I’ve tried to leave a comment here previously and am not sure on why it didn’t post.
    The wall decals featured here are from a company called Dezign With a Z. I’ve seen these on their website and they are called My clouds.
    There are several colors and sizes to choose from, but I really like the white version shown here!

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