Our bedtime routine is short and sweet. Clean kids in snuggly pajamas climb into bed. I kiss everyone and blows sweet dreams into their pillowcases. Daddy comes into the room with his ukulele and the two of us sing them a goodnight song. Then we tiptoe out and make sure to turn the hall light on.

My kids are good with sitters and have no trouble going to sleep when we are not around so clearly the routine can be disrupted.

This weekend I’m going to be away for three days. That’s two nights of missed routine. While I know that they don’t need me there to go to sleep, it makes me sad to think of foreheads un-kissed and pillow cases without sweet dreams.

My event is just over an hour away and today I decided that being there to tuck my babies in at night was worth the drive. It’s more for me than for them, but I’ll sleep better knowing I was there for bedtime.

Family reading.

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